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Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions

Shinsegae Art & Science

Shinsegae Art & Science
  • Type

    Cultural heritage

  • Location

    1, Expo-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon

 Daejeon Shinsegae Art & Science and Expo Tower, which were established as part of the Expo Re-creation Project, which is to create a site for the 592,495m² Expo Science Park as a core facility and science-themed space in the international science business belt base district, opened on August 26, 2021. In addition to shopping spaces, Daejeon Shinsegae Art & Science has various cultural facilities where citizens can enjoy culture and take a rest.

Gapcheon, city view and rest, Haneul Park|Rooftop

The rooftop garden is one of the most attractive spaces to visit in Art & Science. It is a 3,400 pyeong space for rest in the city center where you can see the city of Daejeon along with the landscaping decorated with trees and seasonal flowers and nature. There are spaces for children such as walking trails and Tirano Park, created for each theme, as well as deck bridges, bamboo forests, maze gardens, and mirror ponds. There are tables and benches all over the place, making it a perfect place to rest, while looking down at Gapcheon and downtown Daejeon.

Daejeon Expo Aquarium |B1

It features a main tank where about 22,000 beautiful sea creatures swim and a digital image panoramic tank that spreads from the ceiling. Through large-scale media wall art and holograms, you can see various aquatic creatures.
· Inquiries: 042-607-8852
· Operating Hours: 10:30~20:00 (Holidays and weekends until 20:30)
· Admission: Adults(14 years and older) 29,000 won, children 25,000 won

Panoramic glass window cabinet gallery & art terrace overlooking Gapcheon|6th floor

As if entering a luxuriously manicured garden, it is a terrace that catches the eye with a unique and mysterious landscape. Inside, there are resting spaces such as art benches made of natural materials such as stone, wood, and iron, providing a special rest. In particular, many people take out their cameras as you can see Gapcheon from the open glass windows. The cabinet gallery, which fills one wall of the terrace, is a space where special collections such as crafts, gemstones, and sculptures proposed by Shinsegae Gallery are displayed under the concept of ‘treasures of gold and silver’. They are for sale, but it's good to just look at them.

Shinsegae Nexperium, a science playground created with KAIST |6th ~ 7th floor

It is an edutainment space, created in collaboration with Shinsegae and KAIST, where you can enjoy science and culture at the same time. It is an exhibition hall specialized in the three engineering fields that will lead the future: robots, bio, and space, where you can freely experience the exhibits developed by KAIST faculty members and learn about science more easily and in a more fun way. On the 7th floor, there is the Shinsegae Nexperium Lab, which has an educational program that expands the experience of the exhibition hall in more depth. Various experiences are possible in three spaces equipped with specialized facilities: a digital room where you learn coding, a maker room where you can make your own, and a search unit where you learn the principles.
· Inquiries: 042-607-1620
· Admission ticket: Adults 18,000 won, Children 26,000 won (Children under 5 are not admitted)
· 20~25% discount for Daejeon citizens

Hella fun City Daejeon Public Relations Center|6th floor

As an outpost to promote Daejeon's city brand to be reborn as a fun city, there is a corner introducing the unique tourist attractions of Daejeon using media art, etc. You can purchase a variety of Daejeon goods such as notebooks, pop sockets, and T-shirts using icons representing Daejeon, such as 'kkumdori' character and Hanbit Tower, and Daejeon Municipal Newsletter Monthly and other news about Daejeon, as well as promotional materials introducing Daejeon's tourism, culture, and history are provided.

The Art Space 193 Expo Tower Observation Deck in the 193m Aerial Space | 42nd floor

The Art Space 193 is a compound word of The Art + Space + 193 (the height of the expo tower, 193m, which symbolizes the year of the 1993 Expo). It is a space that contains positional symbolism, artistic content, and pride in height. In terms of height, it is the 6th highest in the country and the highest in Chungcheong Province. From the observatory located on the 42nd floor, 193 meters above sea level, where you can have a panoramic view of Daejeon city, to the gallery where you can appreciate the works of Olafur Eliasson, a world-famous installation artist who uses light and nature, it is not just a simple observatory but the only art observatory in the world.
· Inquiries: 042-607-8670
· Operating Hours: 11:30 ~ 20:30 (Closed when the department store is closed)
· Admission: Adults 15,000 won, Teenagers 15,000 won, Children-Infants(36 months ~ 13 years old) / Seniors(65 years and older) 12,000 won
· Online reservation: www.shinsegae.com/observatory/index.do

< Source: Monthly Daejeon Is You | Written by: Heo Yongjoo | Photo: Choi Yongseong >